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We offer a general maintence package , this package consists of a complete tune-up along with a free vehicle inspection. We perform an eighty point inspection of the car for no additional charge to you. This service is free and no purchase is necessary to use this service. We also take walk ins and appointments. 



Is your vehicle running funny and you aren't sure why? This could be due to your vehicle needing a tune up! Tune ups are vital to a car health. You can avoid costly repairs in the future simply by doing a full tune up. Tune ups are done the same day and we offer a warranty behind all parts and work. 

Feeling a vibration when braking? This could be caused by rotors being warped or grooved. We offer free rotor and brake inspection. Come in today to see how we can help you.


Annoying check engine light won't let you pass emission? Don't want to spend a thousand to make it pass? We can help you. We offer free check engine light reading with our small scan tool. We can give you a price right then and there. Note this price you won't be able to beat anywhere else. We hope to see you soon!

      Suspension and Wheels

Feel as if your car is handling way to rough? More than likely a bushing may have gave on your car. We will be more than glad to offer an inspection of the suspension system. We will also test drive the vehicle for further investigation of the sounds. After all the work is completed we will then test drive the vehicle again to ensure everything has went well. We strive for perfection the first time so there are no repeated visits for the same problem.

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