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We offer competive pricing 



We repair and diagnose all mechnical problems. We offer free brake inspections , free oil inspection , and a free 80point inspection of the vehicle. There isn't any problem to big or small for us to handle. We have very convient repair times , along with great prices. We can service any make and model. We will read codes free with our smaller scan tool. Stop in today, it could save you thousands. 


Electrical Problems

In today's industry cars are constantly changing. In order for a mechanic shop to survive they must have the vital tools to diagnose electrical problems. We have top of the line scanners waiting to see how your vehicle performs. With our scan tools we can control all parts of the vehicle and so much more. Come in today to see how we can diagnose your car!



Overheated an engine ? Need to see if your head gasket has blown? We offer services to check compression within an engine. We can repair any engine with any problem. Not sure whats going on ? Stop at one of our locations and see how we can help you. We can diagnose any problem the engine is experiencing.



We offer a complete clutch repair along with clutch replacement. We have can have most cars out the same day. We replace clutch master cylinders and slave cylinders. All backed by our warranty. Clutch fluid should be service every 24000 miles.



Hearing a squealing sound when stopping ? Don't wait ! Come let us inspect your brake pads. We offer free brake inspection and rotor inspection. We provide the best quality brake pads backed by our lifetime warranty. 

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